Research Findings

Part One

The first part is an independent research study, conducted by research firm AMR, which reached out to all visual artist members of Viscopy and Copyright Agency, as well as 10 other arts organisations to widely canvas the opinions of visual artists outside our membership.

One of the key takeaways from the research was that visual artists need easier solutions to take advantage of new revenue opportunities offered by the online environment.

A staggering statistic was that while 90% of the 1,020 artists surveyed have had their work reproduced (with 71% of artists with their work published online), only 5% receive income from copyright royalties.

The survey also found one of the main barriers as to why artists aren’t generating copyright royalties via online channels is because they don’t know how to easily track and monitor the use of their work across the internet.

More than half the artists surveyed (56%) think it’s too hard to protect the integrity of their work online and 57% are not aware how much they’re being infringed.  Of the 20% that were aware of infringements, 54% said the infringement happened online, but 58% are unsure what to do about it.

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