The Publication

Part Two: Publication

The results of the research were used to guide the topics explored in a full-length publication, with feature articles from artists, academics and writers.

Contained in the publication is a collection of articles, conversations and case studies in which artists and other arts industry professionals share their collective experience with copyright.

Through interviews with artists Anthea Behm and Jason Wing, we discover how working with copyrighted materials can shape the artistic practices and provide some unexpected outcomes. Head of publishing at MoMA, Christopher Hudson discusses the state of art publishing for institutions in the modern age, Jane Somerville’s article on the US style ‘Fair Use’ looks at two high-profile cases of appropriation in the United States, an article by Chloe Wolifson examines how the internet has increased the instance of art forgeries in the marketplace, Baden Pailthorpe and Marian Tubbs discuss the complexities of creating within digital environments and a case study on Tully Arnot’s Loney Sculpture explores the phenomenon of viral memes.


Copyright Agency|Viscopy partnered with Rococo Productions to develop the publication.