About the Project

The Copyright Agency | Viscopy is undertaking a three-part project, Voice of the Artist, to explore and discover more about the extent to which visual artists have been impacted by the online environment.

Part One: Research

The first part is an independent research study, which reached out to all visual arts members of Viscopy and Copyright Agency, as well as 10 other arts organisations to widely canvas the opinions of visual artists outside our membership.  See our Partnering Organisations.

The objectives of the survey were to:

  • Understand how visual artists manage their copyright
  • Assess the impact of copyright infringement and digital technology on visual artists
  • Consider perceptions of artists rights in a digital economy
  • Identify opportunities for revenue to artists from the copying or sharing of their work, particularly in the online environment

The results of the survey will be first communicated to partners before being referenced in the Part Two and Three of the the project.

Part Two: Publication

The results of this survey have been used to guide the topics that will be explored in a full-length publication, with feature articles from artists, academics and writers.

Copyright Agency|Viscopy is partnering with Rococo Productions, producers of Das Superpaper and Oberon, to develop the publication.

The objectives of the publication are to:

  • Provide artists and other arts industry professionals with the opportunity to talk about their experiences with copyright
  • Explore effect of digital technology has had on how artists’ works are developed and used
  • Respond to issues that arise from survey

The publication will be free and launched at the Voice of the Artist event. You can also register to receive a free copy at on our event website, event.voiceoftheartist.com.au

Part Three: Event

Copyright Agency|Viscopy is proud to be partnering with Vivid Sydney to present a half day event as part of the Vivid Ideas program.

Voice of the Artist: Age of the Image is a forum which begs the question, ‘how do we value the image and create opportunities for creators, users and consumers?’ By international and national industry professionals and academics sharing how they’ve responded to these challenges, this forum highlights the importance of the image in contemporary society, its role in business and how the respectful use of images can help build a stronger economic future for the Australian creative industries.

Tickets are on sale now to Voice of the Artist: Age of the Image. To find out more, go to the event website.