Survey extended until Monday

The Voice of the Artist survey has been completed to give the weekend to visual artists to complete the survey.

Time remaining

Copyright Agency | Viscopy has partnered with other visual arts organisations to reach further than their direct membership and canvas the opinions of as many professional artists as possible across Australia. So far we have reached 1000 visual artists.

The survey is 100% confidential for Copyright Agency | Viscopy members and 100% anonymous for partner organisations.

If you did not receive an email invite to join the survey, but you are (or know of) a professional visual artist that would like to take part, click on the link below.

Take the survey now

It’ll take 7-12 minutes and is completely anonymous.
if you were invited to participate in the survey via email, please click on the link within your email.

The findings will be communicated to all key stakeholders and lay the foundations for further conversations to be presented in full feature publication which will be launched at an event early to mid 2016.