Fair Use

  • Government to consult further on copyright changes

    The Copyright Agency | Viscopy welcomes the Government’s measured response to the Productivity Commission report on Australia’s Intellectual Property arrangements which recognises Australia’s copyright system is critical for creative innovation.

    Copyright Agency | Viscopy CEO Adam Suckling says, “Copyright plays … Continued

  • Kim Williams

    Safeguarding Australian Creativity – What’s Really at Stake over Copyright Reform

    Chair of the Copyright Agency, Kim Williams AM, has warned that the next generation of Jimmy Barneses, Magda Szubanksis and George Millers will be in short supply should the recommendations of the Productivity Commission’s draft report into Intellectual Property come … Continued

  • Blak Douglas

    Productivity Commission proposals would stifle Australian content

    Proposals to impose a US-style intellectual property arrangement in Australia made by the Productivity Commission today would pose one of the greatest dangers to Australian-made content in a generation.

    “A US-style ‘fair use’ arrangement to copyright is out of context … Continued

  • Fair Use Impacts Creators

    The potential impact of ‘fair use’ on creators

    The PwC Australia report, “Understanding the costs and benefits of introducing a ‘fair use’ exception”, says the costs of changing Australia’s ‘fair dealing’ exceptions to US ‘fair use’ would far outweigh any benefits – of which it finds no … Continued