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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Va, Leong 1951Submit request
Vaa, Rønnaug 1947Submit request
Vaa, Dyre 1903Submit request
Vaagsvold, Alfred 1945Submit request
Väänänen, Seppo 1950Submit request
Vaandrager-de Jong, Claudia 1975Submit request
Vaanila, Veikko 1923Submit request
Vaarhorst, Léonie 1969Submit request
Vaarula, Olavi 1927Submit request
Vaas, Alexander 1967Submit request
Väätäinen, Ulla 1948Submit request
Väätti, Ilkka 1955Submit request
VACEK, Jaroslav Submit request
VACEK, Karel Submit request
VACEK, Ludvik Submit request
VACHA, Martin Submit request
VACHA, Pavel Submit request
Vachalek, Jozef 1944Submit request
Vacheron, Franck Franck NA1959Submit request
Vachon, Francois Submit request
Vachon, Huguette Submit request
VACHOVA, sArka Submit request
VACHOVA - sMOKOVA, VEra Submit request
VACHULKA, Frantisek Submit request
VACKAR, Adam Submit request
VACKAR, Martin Submit request
VACKOVA, Jana Submit request
VACLAVKOVA, Eva Submit request
VACULiKOVA, Alena Submit request
VADAS, Martin Submit request

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