Members’ artworks licenced

© Darren Siwes/Licensed by Viscopy, 2014.
Darren Siwes, Dalabon Braun Blood, 2013. Image courtesy of Murdoch University Art Collection © Darren Siwes/Licensed by Viscopy, 2014.

Five members’ artworks were licensed by Viscopy to Murdoch University for use in their Reconciliation Action Plan, including Dalabon Braun Blood from Darren Siwes.

Julie Dowling, Darren Siwes and three artists from Mangkaja Arts; Mawukura Jimmy Nerrimah, Wakartu Cory Surprise and Dolly Snell feature in the publication and are artworks held in the Murdoch University Art Collection.

The cover artwork, Jilas in My Country (2009) by the late Jimmy Nerrimah, depicts waterholes in the artist’s country in the Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia.

The University’s RAP Plan says: “Since 1975, Murdoch University Art Collection has had a proud tradition of collecting culturally significant Australian Indigenous artwork.”

“Physically weaving the Art Collection into the campus environment contributes to providing awareness of our cultural identity, stimulating and inspiring minds, challenging alternative ways of thinking, and enriching and extending the academic learning experience.”

You can read a copy of the Murdoch University Reconciliation Action Plan on the Reconciliation Australia website.

If you would like to licence the use of Aboriginal artwork for your company’s Reconciliation Action Plans or other material, please get in touch with our licensing team or see our 4-step licensing process.