Looking to use an image of an artwork in your next book, advertisement, film or merchandise? Then you’ll need to request a image licence to allow the use of the artwork and you may need to pay a fee.

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Image Licensing

Requesting a licence is easier than you might think. At Copyright Agency we can help manage the end-to-end licensing process for you. We will:

  • guide you through the steps involved,
  • handle artists’ approvals,
  • provide quotes on fees, and
  • suggest the right licence to meet your needs.

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The Four Step Process

Step 1: Search
Do we already represent the artist whose work you wish to use? Search the visual arts member list by name or contact us if you would like a full member list in searchable PDF format.

Search Members

Step 2: Request
Make a request – Send the details of the artwork you wish to use and how you want to use it.
Use the online form below, or email us at

Request a Licence

Step 3. Quote
We will provide you with a quote and any additional information you need.

Step 4: Issue the Licence
If you are happy to proceed we will organise the licence and issue an invoice to be paid within 14 days of issue or before the copy is made (whichever is sooner).