Copyright and disclaimer

This page contains copyright and disclaimer information for using this Viscopy website.

Viscopy provides a search facility to help our licensing customers work out whether an Australian or New Zealand artist is a copyright licensing member of Viscopy.

Please note, however, that the provision of this search facility does not remove the responsibility upon customers to satisfy themselves of the status of an artist before they use that artist’s work. Viscopy’s membership is growing and new members are added to this search facility regularly. While we use our best endeavours to keep this facility up to date, we cannot guarantee its complete accuracy. If an artist you are searching for does not show up on the search facility, we advise you to double check that artist’s status with our membership or licensing departments in case that person is a Viscopy member. If an artist is not a member of Viscopy we may be able to help you locate the right person from whom to seek copyright clearance.

Overseas members

As well as Australian and New Zealand artists, Viscopy represents around 40,000 international artists through agreements with our foreign partners. A number of our most popular international members are included in this member search facility but please check with Viscopy to confirm the membership status of international artists that are not listed.