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Code of Conduct

Copyright Agency and Viscopy have been signatories to the voluntary Code of Conduct for copyright collecting societies since its establishment in 2002. Each year we are required to submit a report to the Code Reviewer who assesses our compliance against the Code.

Download a PDF copy of the Code of Conduct for Copyright Collecting Societies.

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Download a PDF copy of our Complaints Policy.
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Viscopy is a company limited by guarantee. We are governed by the Corporations Act 2001 and by our Constitution. The Constitution sets out the rights and obligations of members, the rules under which we operate and the objectives of our organisation which are:

  • to encourage, promote and advance the understanding and appreciation in Australia and overseas of artistic works, and
  • to ensure the representation and defence of the professional economic, legal and moral interests of the originators and authors or owners of artistic works.

Download a current copy of the Viscopy Constitution

Membership terms and conditions

Viscopy copyright licensing terms and conditions
Viscopy statutory licensing terms and conditions
Copyright Agency membership terms and conditions

Payments Policy

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Privacy Policy

Viscopy respects the privacy of individuals we deal with. In our handling, storage and use of identifying information concerning individuals, Viscopy adheres to the principles of the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Our privacy policy describes the information we collect and explains how we use, store or disclose that information, and how individuals may access or alter that information. Download a PDF copy of the Viscopy Privacy Policy.

Website Terms and conditions

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