What is Viscopy copyright licensing?

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What is copyright licensing?

The Copyright Act gives visual artists, authors, publishers, journalists and others, legal rights to control certain uses of their content by others. This includes reproducing the content in various ways, including making it available online, and emailing it.

Generally, if someone wants to copy, share or reproduce someone else’s work, they are likely to need permission (also referred to as a licence) from the copyright owner.

The licensing process allows the copyright owner and the person who wishes to reproduce the works the opportunity to work together and agree the way in which the work can be used. The copyright owner may set conditions such as payment, production quality and acknowledgement.

What is Viscopy copyright licensing?

This is Copyright Agency’s dedicated copyright licensing service for artists.

Copyright Agency have a dedicated team of visual arts licensing experts, with years of experience in licence negotiation, product development, plus an extensive network of licensing customers across many industries.

Do similar schemes operate in other countries?

Similar licensing schemes do operate in other countries and as part of a worldwide network of visual arts management organisations Copyright Agency’s visual arts members are represented in those territories and international artists are represented here.

If you are an artist, art centre or beneficiary, find out more about the Viscopy copyright licensing service.

If you are looking to licence an artwork, find out more about licensing an artwork.