I've been asked to sign a waiver or agreement. What should I do?

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From time to time you may be contacted by individuals or organisations who want to use your work for free.

Copyright Agency is here to handle your copyright licensing requests for you if you are a member. If you wish to continue licensing your work and receiving licensing fees, you can simply let them know that Viscopy handles your copyright requests, and email us and we’ll follow it up for you.

As the owner of copyright in your artworks, you are fully entitled to choose if you are happy, to allow them to copy and share your work and forego any future payments for that use (waive fees). If you choose to sign all or part of a waiver form or non-exclusive licence agreement, please let us know so we no longer collect licensee fees on your behalf for that use.

We recommend that you carefully read and understand waiver forms or agreements, as some terms and conditions can be broad and could include uses that you may have previously received royalties for through Viscopy. Don’t sign anything that you don’t understand.

As your professional and experienced licensing agent, we are here to provide support on copyright matters concerning your artwork.

We have prepared a fact sheet and checklist to provide you with the information you need about signing a waiver or free agreement.
Download Signing a Waiver: Fact Sheet and Checklist

If you are unsure about a free agreement or waiver, please call us on 1800 066 844 or refer the request to us by email to viscopylicensing@copyright.com.au.