Indigenous Arts

Copyright Agency is dedicated to working with artists, art centres and licensing customers to provide licensing services that respect both the artistic and cultural value in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander works of art.

We run community outreach programs for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to educate on artist rights.

Find out more about licensing Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artworks.

Artist © business workshops

Does your community or art centre need education about protection and fair pay for their Indigenous artwork?

Our Indigenous Education program provides artists in remote, rural and urban communities with practical skills for the protection, documentation and remuneration of their artwork, often delivered in local languages.

This includes education about:

  • Copyright licences
  • Resale royalty scheme
  • The importance of wills, and
  • Indigenous cultural intellectual property.

Attend or host a workshop

We provide free education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists nationwide, regardless of whether they are members. Contact us if you would like to attend a workshop or we can deliver a seminar in your community or organisation.

View our new Indigenous artists’ © business booklet.

This booklet provides artists, art centres and communities with important information about copyright, licensing and ownership of artists’ works.

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Copyright Agency supports the development of projects which benefit progressive and creative Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and provide access to opportunities that promote the creators, their works and achievements. In recognition of this, we’ve developed a Reconciliation Action Plan, which outlines the specific commitments we are making as an organisation.

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