Payments and Fees


Viscopy makes quarterly royalty payments to members. Eligible members will receive payments and royalty statements at that time. The scheduled payment months in 2017 are March, June, September and December.

If we have collected royalties for you, we will send you a letter and a royalty statement which sets out in detail how your work was licensed, how much we collected for you and our charges. You will receive the payment directly into your nominated bank account.

To ensure prompt payment it’s important we have your current bank details. Please complete this form to provide your banking details or contact our Member Services team by email or phone 1800 066 844. For security reasons we ask for a copy of your Photo ID when updating payment details.

View an Example of a Royalty Statement.

Jason Wing, ‘Fossil Fuel (installation photo)’ © Jason Wing/Licensed by Viscopy Photo: Adam Hollingworth
Jason Wing, ‘Fossil Fuel (installation photo)’
© Jason Wing/Licensed by Viscopy
Photo: Adam Hollingworth


Viscopy and Copyright Agency are not-for-profit organisations. There is no fee to join, though an administration fee is deducted from any payments we collect for you to cover our running costs. Deductions are determined by the services agreement between Viscopy and Copyright Agency, approved by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission: see here.

If you join both Viscopy and Copyright Agency, there are the following deductions:

25% of income collected from Viscopy’s Copyright licences in Australia and New Zealand and statutory license income collected by Screenrights

10% of income collected by Viscopy’s international partners, which is only deducted if your art is reproduced internationally and income is collected overseas

Around 14% of income collected from ‘statutory’ licence fees by Copyright Agency


If you are not a member of Copyright Agency, there is an additional fee deducted by Viscopy from statutory licence fees collected by Copyright Agency. That fee is 17% for income collected between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2014, reducing to 10% for income collected after 1 July 2014, regardless of when the income is paid to you.  Viscopy members can apply to join Copyright Agency as well. If you join Copyright Agency directly you do not pay Viscopy’s commission on Copyright Agency statutory income. Membership is free, join here.   Please note, if you joined Copyright Agency l Viscopy after July 2, 2012 you are a member of both organisations.  If you joined before July 2, 2012 and would like to check your membership status please contact us on 1800 066 844.

Screenrights deducts a commission from statutory income its pays to Viscopy. If you join Screenrights directly you do not pay Viscopy’s commission on Screenrights statutory income.

Download a PDF copy of our Payments Policy (Updated February 2015)