Our Services

We offer two types of copyright management services: Viscopy Copyright Licensing and Statutory Licencing. Most members sign up for both options.

Viscopy copyright licensing

If someone wants to reproduce your work, simply refer them to us and we’ll handle everything for you.

As your licensing agent we will negotiate copyright fees on your behalf and put an agreement in place for anyone who wants to reproduce your work.

We’ll ensure that your artwork is reproduced to a high standard, attributed correctly, protected by a licence agreement and you’ll receive fair payment for its use.

We manage the rights to a wide variety of artworks and artwork reproductions, including for books, film and television, websites, advertising, newspapers and magazines, posters, merchandise, greeting cards, exhibition catalogues, and more.

As a member you grant Copyright Agency the right to administer the reproduction of your artwork in return for licensing fees.

This does not mean that Copyright Agency owns the copyright in your work – it simply allows us and our extensive network of international partners to license works on your behalf. Artists retain the copyright of their work and can, of course, continue to use images of their work as they see fit. Artists can request the right of pre-approval of licensing requests and may exclude certain works from being licensed for certain purposes.

This level of membership enables us to:

  • reproduce, publish and communicate your works for a fee under our existing licence schemes and future schemes, for example by public galleries and auction houses;
  • distribute licensing fees collected by our international partners

To take up this type of membership select non-statutory on the membership form.

Statutory licence

Under education licence schemes set out in copyright legislation, artistic works and other content can be used without permission provided fair payment is made by the user. Artistic works may be used under the following education licence schemes:

  • Copying and communication of books, magazines, newspapers, artistic works and other content in educational and public sector organisations – administered by Copyright Agency;
  • Copying and communication of television and other broadcasts for use in educational and public sector organisations – administered by Screenrights; and
  • Re-transmitting free-to-air broadcasts by cable TV providers – administered by Screenrights.

Each of these schemes ensures creators are fairly rewarded for use of their work.

Through an agreement with Screenrights we can manage payments from both of these schemes to members, making it easier for you to earn income from the copying of your work.

You may also be entitled to licence fees if your work is used in similar schemes in another country.

This level of membership enables Copyright Agency to distribute licensing fees collected under these schemes here and through international partners.

To take up this type of membership select Statutory licensing on the membership form.

Resale Royalty Scheme

Since 9 June 2010, Australian artists are eligible to receive a 5% royalty on certain resales of their work. For more information on the Resale Royalty Scheme, and to make sure we can contact you when you receive resale royalties, register your contact details at www.resaleroyalty.org.au.

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