Artist profiles

Fayen d’Evie

Fayen d’Evie (from Aotearoa, New Zealand, lives and works in Muckleford, Victoria)

Fayen is an artist and writer whose practice engages with installation, performance, conversation, publishing and writing.

Her work is increasingly interested in shifting the focus of exhibition making … Continued

Angela Tiatia

Angela was a John Fries Award finalist in 2016 for her video work, Soft Power.

Her work juxtaposes perceptions of the social and economic impact of globalisation with personal observations of the effects of neo-colonialism and consumption on the private … Continued

Merilyn Fairskye

Whether I’m traipsing around with my cameras in some far-off location, not knowing quite what I’ll find, or buried in the studio wrestling a new work into shape, I am constantly struck by the resilience of ordinary people I encounter and the often-troubled beauty of the places they inhabit. I love what I do and can’t imagine ever stopping.

Anne Zahalka

Making art is stimulating and consuming. It can be difficult, challenging and frustrating but it brings great insight to me, and hopefully to others. When work is resolved and the audience engages with it, there is a great sense of satisfaction.

Blak Douglas

We need to acknowledge the free reign is not acceptable. Many auction houses in remote regions have taken free reign on artists in recent years. I’ve witnessed it first-hand and became concerned enough to want to ensure that by the time my work reaches the secondary market I wish to be duly remunerated for the honour.

Lindy Lee

Essentially I think artists (or at least I am) are driven by nagging existential questions like ‘who am I?’, ‘what am I?’…’is there any meaning in life?’ I love the poet Rilke’s response to a young poet who asked the same questions – it’s learning to love the questions and live them through, it’s not about attaining any final answer. That is what keeps me going – living the questions through my art.